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214-36FLOAT (214-363-5628) | 8315 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75225

Before You Float

You cannot float if you have applied artificial tanner in the last 72 hours.

You cannot float if you have colored, tinted or highlighted your hair in the past 72 hours with permanent or temporary color of any kind.

If you have recently colored or tinted your hair it is important that you understand that before floating you can easily determine if your hair color or tint could compromise our water quality. Your hair must have no residual tint or color that would bleed unto a towel or into our pristine water.

Adrift Float Spa

Nestled in the heart of Preston Hollow, Adrift is Dallas’ only state-of-the-art personal floatation facility.

Floating, lying suspended and seemingly weightless in salt water encourages a state of complete physical and mental relaxation.

The presence of a tranquil environment accompanied by the powerful compound of Epsom Salt, aids in enhancing the connection between mind and body, and has been shown to provide benefits such as decreased stress levels, enhanced quality of sleep, pain relief, increased immunity, and improved circulation.


Cancellations must be made 24 in advance by calling in to the spa at 214-363-5628, not by email.

ABC Nightline Piece – Sensory Deprivation

ABC US News | International News

ABC's Neal Karlinsky has a strange experience inside a Float Seattle sensory deprivation tank.

Adrift Instuctional

Joe Rogan – Find Yourself

We love the message that Joe Rogan is conveying however please be aware that the language used may be offensive to some.